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Wholesale Coil Spring Compressor

Wholesale Coil Spring Compressor
Coil Spring Compressor-for suspension repair
A coil spring compressor is a specialized tool used to compress and decompress coil springs in a vehicle's suspension system. It is an essential tool for various tasks such as replacing or repairing shock absorbers, suspension components, or coil springs. 
Here's an overview of coil spring compressors and their different types:
- External Coil Spring Compressor: This type of coil spring compressor consists of two jaws that are placed on opposite sides of the coil spring.
- Internal Coil Spring Compressor: Internal coil spring compressors are designed to compress coil springs from the inside. They feature hooks or jaws that engage the coils internally. As you tighten the center bolt or threaded rod, the hooks or jaws move outward, compressing the spring. Internal coil spring compressors are often used for heavy-duty or larger coil springs, where external compressors may not fit.
- Hydraulic Coil Spring Compressor: Hydraulic coil spring compressors use hydraulic pressure to compress coil springs. 
- MacPherson Strut Coil Spring Compressor: MacPherson strut coil spring compressors are designed specifically for MacPherson strut suspension systems, which are commonly found in many vehicles. 
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