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Quality Control

Quality Control
DNT Tools is professional tool manufacturer, We know what we are doing.
We keep a very stable quality level for years.
Our qualified products rate is 99.88%, and we are constantly improving it ,thanks to our professional production team and technical team
We hope our clients can get what they paid for. 

Quality is the true reason that we survive in the market for so many years.
We saw many of our competitors are making money by playing around the quality and they lose the market faster than we think.
We know that is not a sustainable Business pattern

We are a quality-oriented supplier.You may find our price is slightly higher than the others.
As matter of fact,we will never be the cheapest in the market because of our quality
It is quite OK for us to lose an order due to price matter,but we put 0 tolerance on quality control and inspection.
We targeted ourselves into serving the quality-oriented type of clients only.

 At our company, we prioritize excellence in every aspect of our manufacturing process, from start to finish. Our commitment to strict quality control ensures that you receive products of the highest standard.

◆ High-End Raw Materials
◆ Advanced Equipment and Processes
◆ Rigorous Adherence to Blueprints
◆ Comprehensive Quality Checks
◆ Final Inspection and Verification

Detail about quality control following:
Material -Premium Steel
Our tools' material are 40CR,CR-MO,S2, alloy steel,45#Carbon Steel,etc
Focus on Forging&Casting
We focus on forging&casting productions 
Advanced Equipment
We have 20+ machining centers and CNS machining equipments,
ensure the highest precision and superior quality in our tools
Process Inspection
In-process inspection procedures during manufacturing
CMM Machine
Test the product by CMM Machine
Microscopic Examination
Inspection by Microscopic Examination
Digital Torque Meter
Inspection torque by Digital Torque Meter,when product hand torque requirement
HRC Hardness  Test
Check the tools hardness by HRC Hardness Tester
Inspection various of the threads by standard GAGE
Industrial Drawing
Every product first transfer to industrial drawing before production
Inspection by QC Team
Inspection by QC Team and output Inspection Reports before delivery