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Latest News ,Volkswagen's new Arteon will released on June 24

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Latest News ,Volkswagen's new Arteon will released on June 24

Issue Time:2020-06-23

Latest News ,Volkswagen's new Arteon will released on June 24

A few days ago, Volkswagen officially released a preview video of the new Arteon. The new car to be released this time is Arteon's mid-term facelift model. The new car will also be available in a sedan version and a shooting version (Shooting Brake). In addition, the official officially stated that the new car will be officially released on June 24.

In terms of appearance, the new Volkswagen Arteon basically continues the design language of the old models, but the details have changed. However, the front face of the new car uses an LED light strip that runs through the entire network and is connected to the headlights on both sides. The front of the car looks wider and more technological. In addition, the area of ​​the heat dissipation openings on both sides becomes larger, and the sense of layering becomes richer.

Compared with the sedan version, the new Arteon hunting version has a different shape of the heat dissipation openings under the headlights on both sides, and the mesh area becomes larger and more sporty. On the side and rear of the car, the rear half of the rear triangular window is lifted up, which makes it more dynamic. In terms of details, the new car does not use the previously produced cross-border kit, but uses the same wheel arch design as the body.

Interior of Passat interior

At present, the spy photos of the interior of the new car have not been exposed, but according to related news, the new Volkswagen Arteon will use a new multimedia entertainment system. In the future, its overall design may adopt a design language similar to the new Passat, and the sense of technology will be stronger.

In addition, according to previous information, the new car will launch a GTE version of the model in overseas markets. The powertrain may continue the 1.4TSI gasoline engine and electric motor combination and match the 6-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox.

As for the positioning performance version of the Volkswagen Arteon R, it will not be equipped with a 3.0T VR6 engine. The greater possibility is to equip the new Golf R with the same 2.0T engine, the maximum power can reach 334 horsepower, and the transmission system matches the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Box, the driving form is four-wheel drive. However, whether the Arteon R and GTE models will be officially unveiled at this press conference is still unknown.


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