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Another exclusive customization? Rolls-Royce new car preview image exposed

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Another exclusive customization? Rolls-Royce new car preview image exposed

Issue Time:2020-06-19

Another exclusive customization? Rolls-Royce new car preview image exposed

  A few days ago, overseas media exposed a mysterious preview of a new Rolls-Royce model. From the picture, the new car is different from any existing mass-produced models in appearance, so foreign media also speculate that this may be another one-off model exclusively customized by Rolls-Royce for "powerful players".

 P1:"Rolls-Royce "Mysterious New Car" Preview Map"

  Why should I say "again"? Because Rolls-Royce released an exclusive customized model as early as 2017-Rolls-Royce Huiying (parameter|inquiry). Huiying was officially launched at the Italian Este Estate Elegant Competition in that year. The exterior used a unique design, which was hand-built by the Rolls-Royce Customization Department. At the same time, it was reported that the car was worth 10 million pounds.


  Therefore, now this new mysterious model we see from the preview picture may also be launched with a similar routine, because from the picture, this new car not only uses a two-door body structure, but the roof line shows that the new car is also possible With the "gull wing door" design that opens upwards, such a personalized design will undoubtedly not appear on ordinary production cars. In addition, the picture also shows that the new car will use the design of electronic rearview mirrors and vertical tail lights. It is expected that there will be more technological and futuristic details in the details.

  From the point of view, Rolls-Royce may have planned to release the new car at the 2020 Pebble Beach Auto Show, but with the cancellation of the auto show, we may only be able to see the appearance of the new car in the form of a webcast. As for the power of the new car, it is still unknown. The gasoline power can not escape the configuration of the V12 engine. At the same time, it does not rule out the possibility that the new car uses pure electric power.

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