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Is next year the beginning of popularization? Electronic air suspension will be made in China

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Is next year the beginning of popularization? Electronic air suspension will be made in China

Issue Time:2020-06-30

 Is next year the beginning of popularization? Electronic air suspension will be made in China

  Although the epidemic is raging around the world, many foreign-invested companies are still investing in the Chinese market. Recently, the parts and components company Continental Group held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new factory for electronic air suspension systems in Changshu. The new plant covers a total area of ​​more than 13,500 square meters and is expected to be officially put into operation in the second quarter of 2021.

  In the electronic air suspension system, the air supply control system is the core module, which is responsible for "inflating" and "extracting" the airbag of the air suspension, and the suspension damping can be adjusted according to different requirements and driving conditions. Therefore, the electronic air suspension system can effectively improve the stability of vehicle handling and driving comfort, and has become one of the important configurations of luxury cars, sports cars and high-end SUVs.

  Under the general trend of more and more lightweight, modular and electronic automobile structures, automobile companies have put forward higher requirements for suppliers of air suspension systems. Electric vehicles equipped with air suspension can lower the chassis ground clearance during high-speed driving, reduce energy consumption, and help the car have a higher cruising range. Because the air suspension has a lot less metal parts, the overall weight is also reduced, which also helps electric vehicles achieve lower energy consumption. Continental can produce and provide all the components needed for the air suspension system, including an integrated control system containing air springs and electronic air supply systems.

  Huo Bin, vice president and general manager of the China Group's autonomous driving and safety business group, said: "The investment in the new factory shows the confidence of the Continental Group in the Chinese market, which will help meet the different needs of customers in the Chinese market and provide localization. It is reported that the mid-to-high versions of Weilai ES8 and ES6 are equipped with Continental’s electronic air suspension system. With the landing of the Changshu factory in mainland China, electronic air suspension will become more and more popular, and the cost will gradually Look down.

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