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Zotye T700’s designing idea comes from a local opera

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Zotye T700’s designing idea comes from a local opera

Issue Time:2017-06-06

On the night of May 31st, Zotye’s top-end model T700 was launched with the selling price from RMB 106,800 to 155,800, starting its R&D path.

“More than 300 experimental vehicles are invested in the R&D period with a total range of more than 3m kilometers. The ACC system has been conducted road condition verification in more than 30 cities across the nation.” Liu Huijun, Vice President and President of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, made comprehensive elaboration on Zotye’s product development flow chart.

It marks Zotye’s great progress in the market. The birth of Zotye T700 sets the beginning of “create in Zotye Auto”. Positioned in middle-and-large-size SUV market, the main competitors of Zotye Z700 are joint-venture models including Envision, Highlander and Edge. Statistical data shows that the wheelbase performance of T700 is greater than Highlander and Envision, and keeps the same level with Edge. Besides, T700 has better high-end configurations than the three joint-venture models, such as electric pull doors, automotive smart steps, knob shifts and rhythm atmosphere lamps. As Zotye’s first middle-and-large-size luxury SUV, T700 has a relatively low price compared with its competitors, showing its competitive power in the market.

In fact, the designing idea of T700 comes from a local opera. Dang Rong, Designing Director of T700, was inspired by the love story in Wu Opera Banishment and determined the bold designing style.

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