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BYD will launch a middle-size SUV

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BYD will launch a middle-size SUV
Issue Time:2017-06-02

To further enrich its production line, BYD plans to launch a new middle-size SUV recently. It can be seen from picture that the new model adopts the “big mouth” air-inlet grille, with sharp big lights displaying a sporting image. Besides, the penetrating tail light is used, widening visual width.

The new model uses a “big mouth” air-inlet grille, adopting a chrome trim crossing over the front face and linking with the front lights. The front bumper equips with big-size air inlet along the side. Besides, the sharp quadrilateral lights also shows majesty.

The new model adopts two-waist lines along the side, with straight lines crossing the light angel to the back door. Besides, the new model equips with roof rack and panoramic sunroof.

The new vehicle model is expected to equip with Plug-in Hybrid system combined with 2.0T engine and electric motor, with range exceeding 100KM.

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