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VM Motor installs factory equipment for 2018 production

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VM Motor installs factory equipment for 2018 production
Issue Time:2017-06-09

Covering an area of 1,000 acres, VM Motor intelligent industrial park is invested with RMB 6.7b in fixed assets. It’s said that the industrial park is an “industrial 4.0” park with four functions including intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics, flexible parts matching and autopilot experiments. The parts matching factory and autopilot experimental zones start working since 2016 to achieve an annual capacity of 200,000 units. The first batch of main equipment has been installed in the recent months, with ram beam being the first large-size equipment.

The key competitive power for VM Motor is “Intelligent Manufacturing C2M” concept, providing an automatic, intelligent, networked, customized and energy-saving modern industrial model. It will link different production lines with Internet, set suppliers and production process in accordance with customers’ orders and produce specialized products.

Shen Hui, CEO of VM Motor, once said that, the first BEV model based on the vehicle platform will be off the line in Wenzhou in the year 2018. At least 1,000 units will be tested and operated in Wenzhou, which are planned to be exported in American market. WM Motor has assigned a strategic cooperative agreement with Siemens, Huawei and other global suppliers to conduct deepening cooperation in vehicle R&D, alternative energy, Internet and artificial intelligence. Besides, WM Motor’s first BEV concept model AG2020 has been officially launched this April, representing its future designing trend.

Established in December, 2015, VM Motor is a domestic leading alternative energy vehicle producer, as well as an excellent travel plan provider. In the future, WM Motors will set up two vehicle platforms including “STD” and “PL”. It plans to launch at least one high-quality intelligent electric vehicle every year since the year 2018. Currently, VM Motor has a key team of more than 600 members, mainly distributed in five districts including German, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Wenzhou.

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