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New competitors may bring a changing market structure?

New competitors may bring a changing market structure?
Issue Time:2016-09-20

With the launching of new long wheel base Benz E-class car, the new round competition between ABB opens its curtain. It’s noticeablethat Jaguar domestic XFL, the most popular challenger, is quite possible to stand out from second-tier premium brands.

In C-class car market, BMW 5 series and Audi A6L’s competition is quite common. BMW 5 series ranks champion with a sales volume of 12,903 units in August. Historical data shows that BMW 5 series has a steady sales volume, which is higher than 12,000 units for the past half year. But Audi A6L has not exceeded 12,000 units since April. It seems to be a watershed between C-class car market’s champion and runner-up.

The launching of new long wheel base Benz E-class car on August 22thmarks Benz’s return in C-class car market. It has a good performance in August, selling 4,036 units. Compared with it, BMW 5 series, Audi A5L all stand on their recession periods. The two models even conduct a price war for competing market shares. It’s quite possible that new E-class car may impact BMW 5 series and Audi A6L’s monopoly structure.

Compared with the 12,000 units’watershed betweenchampion and runner-up, 4,000 units’sales volume is a watershed between the first camp and the second camp. In August, Crown ranked fourth with a sales volume of 3.226 units, selling 18,251 units from January to August and falling behind Cadillac XTS. Cadillac XTS has a clear price strategy, which is the shortcoming of Crown. It’s known that Cadillac CT-6 may replace XTS in two years, which will be more competitive.

The third camp is led by self-independent C-class vehicle brand Zotye Z700. With the new government car purchasing policy, self-independent C-class cars embrace a new market. But it may still be a hard way for them to break the market structure.

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