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Central China Hardware Show-Zhengzhou Station

Central China Hardware Show-Zhengzhou Station

Issue Time:2020-10-30

With the rise of central China, the strong implementation of the One Belt One Road policy, and the relocation of industries in the east, Henan, with its strong industrial foundation and relatively complete industrial chain system, has promoted an increasing market share in the industrial sector, and the government has become intelligent in enterprises Intensified transformation has caused enterprises to continuously upgrade their demand for various types of industrial equipment. Coupled with the positive changes in the external environment, the global manufacturing supply chain system has been disrupted, and the demand for "one-stop precise supply and demand connection" has become more obvious.

As a hub in the central and western regions, Zhengzhou is also constantly improving its service functions in terms of hardware tool development and national resource integration. It provides one-stop supply and demand docking services for more manufacturing enterprises.

Exhibition information distribution:

Metal cutting process area: including turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, boring, gear processing, scribing, sawing, filing, scraping, grinding, reaming, tapping, threading, etc.;

Sheet metal process area: including cutting, punching/cutting/compositing, folding, riveting, splicing, forming, etc.;

Complete equipment process area: including robotics, industry applications and solutions, production and process automation, electrical systems, information technology and applications, power transmission, etc.;

Accessories and parts area: including various parts or components of assembly machinery;

Raw material area: including various raw materials and main materials, auxiliary materials, fuel, repair spare parts, packaging materials, purchased semi-finished products, etc.;

Talent exchange area: including human resource development, demand information, job hunting, etc.;

The value of the supply and demand information display wall:

1. Help companies do business, fill in supply information, and help you sell products;

2. Fill in the demand list, make the demand clear at a glance, and find high-quality suppliers faster;

3. Looking for high-quality supply sources;

4. Free advertising space for publicity and display to increase corporate exposure;

5. Professional talent exchange, find a more suitable position to display their talents;

6. Help the company expand its contacts and make more friends;

Just tell me what you want, a customized product is welcome!

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