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New materials and new technologies and new formats

New materials and new technologies and new formats

Issue Time:2020-10-19

The advancement of random technology and the increase in social attention to environmental protection,
Choosing new energy, especially electric drive cars, will become the mainstream of the next era;
But in the reform and innovation of the energy system, it has been nearly 20 years. During this period, the technology is constantly upgrading, the materials are constantly innovating, and the corresponding new business formats are also increasing in the automotive market.

Nowadays, the competition for power batteries has also entered a very fierce and fierce state. In recent years, the ranking of polyfluorinated batteries in installed capacity has rapidly increased, which is obvious to all in the industry. In the field of battery soft packs, we are at the forefront of the country. From the perspective of the entire battery industry, power batteries need to be further improved and optimized in terms of energy density, safety and cost. Among them, the application of new materials and new technologies has played a role. A very crucial role

Innovation in the industry actually occurs every day. All innovations must be done around the needs of customers and the needs of the market. The introduction of new materials has brought new power and new changes to the industry; from the overall cost The qualitative changes have also greatly improved performance.

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