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The importance of bearings in automobiles

The importance of bearings in automobiles

Issue Time:2020-09-27

The bearing industry appeared in the Qin and Han dynasties in my country in the early years. At that time, it was mostly used on the wheels of chariots and carriages. The materials were mainly bronze. In the Song Dynasty, bearings began to be standardized and mass-produced. The improvement of the aircraft began to be built using wood and bronze. Even during World War II, Germany was bombed by the Allied forces because of the late are naturally also very concerned about lightweight bearings.

The bearings of new technology also set new standards for high temperature resistance, high speed and light weight. The bearings are linked to the two most critical parts of the gearbox and the engine. There is no room for slippage. The categories of general automotive bearings are also compared. Many: tapered roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings are used in brake discs, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings and thrust ball bearings are often used in gearboxes and engines!

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