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Development and opportunities of new energy motor hub

Development and opportunities of new energy motor hub

Issue Time:2020-09-10

Driven by national policies, the new energy vehicle market has achieved rapid development. Data show that in the first 10 months of this year, sales of new energy vehicles increased by 82.2% over the same period last year. Among them, the sales of pure electric vehicles increased by 102.5% over the same period last year. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the technology of parts and components related to new energy vehicles has received widespread attention, and a lot of funds have poured into this field.

The determination of the Chinese government to promote the development of new energy vehicles is changing the pattern of the Chinese automobile market and is affecting the formation of a new world automobile civilization. However, it is worrisome whether the core components of China's new energy automobile field will be "empty shell" like the traditional automobile field. Motors, one of the "three powers", are the core components of new energy vehicles. Although China has made progress in central motors, the distributed drive that represents the future development trend of motors and related electronic control has not been achieved.

 Europe is already at the forefront of the world in this respect, and e-Traction in the Netherlands is now the world’s leading in-wheel motor company. The e-Traction company, headquartered in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, was founded in 1981 and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of electric power transmission systems. The development of wheel power transmission systems began in the late 1990s. Up to now, e-Traction has more than 200 invention patents. Its products have been used in buses and buses in 8 European countries. The vehicles assembled with its products have been running on the road for 8 years. Their technology is also Has been developed to the third generation.

The hub motor technology creatively integrates the power, transmission and braking devices into the hub, changing the central drive into a distributed drive, eliminating transmission, transmission shafts, differentials and other transmission components, realizing new energy vehicle engines and transmissions The integration of the machine can not only reduce 80% of the transmission components and 30% of its own weight, but also greatly improve the battery energy efficiency, extend the cruising range, and have many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, lightweight, and miniaturization. It can be called pure Solutions for electric vehicles.

So far, the in-wheel motor can be regarded as a solution for pure electric vehicles. This technology makes the car change from a central drive to a distributed drive, eliminating transmission parts, transmission shafts, differentials and other transmission components, and integrates power, transmission and braking devices. Integrate into the wheel hub to realize the integration of new energy vehicle engine and transmission, from mechanical drive to electric drive.
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