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Whether to add lubricating oil to automobile tire bearings

Whether to add lubricating oil to automobile tire bearings

Issue Time:2020-09-11

Cars are already an indispensable means of transportation when we go out. But if you want a car to last longer, it needs to be maintained and cherished. Of course, good driving behavior and habits of the car owner are also very important reasons. Automobile tires are the most important part of the vehicle. Many people don't know whether the bearings of automobile tires need to be lubricated?

The parts that need to be rotated on the automobile need to rely on oil to maintain the usage and life, especially the engine, the oil must be changed regularly, otherwise the engine will not work properly. The most commonly used other parts are lubricating oil or high-quality lubrication. Lubricating oil also needs to be replaced regularly, and grease is not needed. Some special parts are in use at the same time and need to be replaced at the same time.

Private car tire bearings do not need to add lubricating oil, because the structure of the bearing is airtight, and there is no way to add it. The medium used is also grease, which is very durable and will not leak due to a long time of use. Then the bearing is safe of.
Because it is just a simple lubrication, there is no problem of timeliness.

But buses or trucks need regular maintenance and lubrication. Moreover, there are filling ports in the parts that need maintenance, and special tools can be used to add lubricating oil. The bearing life is relatively long, some can run hundreds of thousands of kilometers, some are hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and even if the car is scrapped, it is not necessarily broken.

In addition to the quality itself, the road conditions of the car and the driving habits of the owner, the service life of the bearing can be shortened.

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