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New marketing model of hardware industry

New marketing model of hardware industry

Issue Time:2020-09-03

Looking around the market, the operating status of my country's hardware brands is still small, large, weak, and scattered. Many manufacturing companies have first-class production strength. However, due to the neglect of the importance of marketing for many years, the current market situation of oversupply has led to In the face of the impact of foreign hardware brands, it is difficult to form strong resistance. Therefore, in order to break such a deep-rooted dilemma, the hardware industry needs to find another way, and it is necessary to use the genes of the current Internet to improve the efficiency of communication with customers and channels for acquiring customers.

Traditional hardware companies invest in corporate hardware, such as production equipment investment, product technology investment and upgrades, and technical personnel investment, all occupy a large cost. Even if they have a good factory, good products, and good Technical team. However, due to the lack of effective opportunities to communicate with customers, coupled with the impact of the current epidemic, there are fewer opportunities for offline contact with customers.
There is no communication, no communication, no scene display, then the first trust link in the transaction is difficult to solve.

Therefore, under the current circumstances, many companies have also begun to move out of the traditional model. They have begun to use the Internet, the same is to show themselves, in another way to allow customers to remotely see the factories, workshops, venues, production teams and service teams. Use A more efficient way to communicate and present yourself. At the same time, with the help of the Internet’s communication advantages, we can better display content and spread it to more users. It is also a change from the previous one-to-one model to the current one-to-many model .

There is a good improvement in efficiency, and at the same time, in terms of communication and trust, information is being transmitted anytime and anywhere, and it is constantly increasing trust in each transaction.

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