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Auto repair tools under the new revolution

Auto repair tools under the new revolution

Issue Time:2020-09-04

In recent years, the rapid development of new automotive technologies, especially the development of new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence driving, lightweight, and vehicle network technology industries, has put forward new directions and requirements for special tools. Many vehicle tool companies are discussing new To adapt to the upcoming new market, car companies have a huge aftermarket service system, a reasonable layout of specialized repair tools, ensuring the quality and efficiency of auto repair tools, and improving customer satisfaction and image is a tool for enterprise development. The main point.

2020 Under the influence of the new crown epidemic, the real economy has experienced a serious decline. The European and American economies themselves are a key market for domestic export companies. Under the current situation, many regions are still under control; therefore, the corresponding consumption system has not yet recovered , Even when the controls are released, the time it takes for the market to return to the state before the epidemic is still to be determined.
In response to this, many domestic factories and enterprises are actively preparing to provide better services and products for the market recovery in the new year of 2020.

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