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Change the dilemma of the hardware and electrical industry

Change the dilemma of the hardware and electrical industry

Issue Time:2020-08-18

After the initial development, China's hardware and electrical industry has become an important first-class hardware in the world, but the current industry development has encountered many challenges. This may be the pain of industrial economic development, or it may be an inevitable process in the industry.

The hardware industry has insufficient product innovation. Although new products are released continuously, there are few revolutionary products, and many companies do not regard innovative new products as a long-term strategy. In the current market environment, users have a wider range of choices, but basically they still choose a few brands. The homogeneity of products leads to excessive competition, and corporate profits become thinner and thinner. The market is becoming more and more mature, and domestic and foreign brands have entered a period of elimination and reintegration. There have been a large number of brand integration mergers and acquisitions in the industry, and the emergence of alliances between major brands.

Whether it is a large-scale enterprise, or a private store, or an individual, brand building is not an overnight task, and it cannot be solved overnight. For this piece of hardware and electromechanical market in my country, the development potential is huge. However, our own brands have been in a disadvantaged state for a long time. The big foreign brands occupy the market with great fanfare, but we only rely on “OEM brands” to gain market share. This embarrassing situation has to arouse people’s reflection and arouse people’s concerns. "Brand concept".

The process of a brand from 0 to 1 is difficult, but when this 1 is realized, it is full of sense of accomplishment. In the hardware and electromechanical industry, some companies set "price" as the standard for measuring everything, believing that as long as the price is low, customers will pay for the product. This self-positioning method will undoubtedly place itself in a "price-only theory" situation. It is not a good phenomenon in the hardware and electrical industry. When merchants want to develop better, when positioning themselves, they should first weaken the price factor and focus on the market instead.

The new era of business is an era in which traffic is king and users are the main focus. Difficult business, no money, in the final analysis, lack of traffic, no customers. For this, we might as well propagate through multiple channels and develop a marketing plan that can sufficiently attract customers. Secondly, in the early stage of reform and opening up, what we solved was the problem of food and clothing. Now, we are pursuing the spiritual and cultural needs. This requires us to adjust our corporate development strategy in time to meet the needs of our customers, and to focus on the future, not to be fooled by the petty profits in front of us. Stopping will only be overwhelmed by the tide of the times.

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