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construction of impact drill pay attention

construction of impact drill pay attention

Issue Time:2020-08-13

(1) At work, you must be fully focused, not only to keep your head clear, but also to operate the power tool rationally. It is strictly forbidden to operate the machine after drinking or taking drugs.

   (2) The impact shell must be protected by a ground wire or a neutral wire.

  (3) The electric drill wire must be intact, and it is strictly prohibited to drag it randomly to prevent it from being damaged or cut. It is strictly forbidden to drag the wires into oil and water to prevent the oil and water from corroding the wires.

  (4) Check whether the insulation is intact and whether the switch is sensitive and reliable.

  (5) The drill bit should be clamped with proper force. It should be idling for a few minutes before use, and it can be used after it rotates normally.

  (6) When drilling, the drill bit should slowly contact the workpiece, and the drill bit should not be broken by excessive force and the motor should be burnt out.

  (7) Pay attention to the standing posture at work and do not take it lightly.

  (8) When operating the machine, make sure to stand firm and keep balance at all times.

  (9) Use electric drills in a dry place, and it is strictly prohibited to wear gloves to prevent accidents caused by the bit twisting. When using an electric drill in a damp place, you must stand on a rubber pad or dry wooden board to prevent electric shock.

  (10) If the electric drill is found to have leakage, vibration, high temperature or overheating during use, it should be shut down immediately and used after cooling down.

  (11) When the electric drill is not completely stopped, the drill bit cannot be removed or replaced. When abnormality occurs, no one else can disassemble or assemble it by himself, and it should be repaired by special personnel in time.

  (12) When power cut, rest or leave the work place, the power should be cut off immediately.

  (13) When using a piezoelectric drill, the drill must be vertical, and the fixed end must be firm and reliable.

  (14) Replace the drill bit with a new one halfway through. When drilling along the original hole, do not use sudden force to prevent accidents from breaking the drill bit.

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