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Digitalization/Electrification New Volkswagen Tiguan

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Digitalization/Electrification New Volkswagen Tiguan

Issue Time:2020-07-03
Digitalization/Electrification New Volkswagen Tiguan
At the launch of Volkswagen’s new Tiguan yesterday, Ralph Brandstadt, the newly appointed brand’s new CEO, proudly introduced: Tiguan is the model of the brand, and even the entire Volkswagen Group. 911,000 vehicles are the best-selling SUV in Europe. Seeing this, the editor couldn't help but recall the era of crazy price increase of domestic Tiguan (domestic Tiguan). However, in the SUV field where competition is intensifying today, can the new Tiguan inject new competitiveness into the domestic Tiguan L that will usher in a small facelift? Please look down.

The most obvious change in appearance of the new Tiguan is the use of newly designed LED headlights and a family-oriented front grille. IQ.Light, which is almost the same shape as the eighth-generation golf, is integrated with the newly designed front grille, giving the front face a visual overall effect. Of course, it is also more "popular".

On the new Tiguan, these "family" are not only the dimensions of brand recognition, but also a way to make him closer to the more advanced cars in the family. To put it bluntly, it is to make it more like a Touareg, so that high-end 'S products are "little brother" with flow.

As a mid-term facelift model, the new Tiguan’s interior changes are not obvious. The overall appearance still looks so “Volkswagen”, but there are a few small changes that can still see Volkswagen’s thinking about the future cockpit, that is to let Its digital.

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