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latest news:Lamborghini no longer attends the auto show!

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latest news:Lamborghini no longer attends the auto show!

Issue Time:2020-06-16

Lamborghini no longer attends the auto show

A few days ago, Lamborghini announced that it would no longer participate in the auto show, but chose to focus on small-scale customized activities directly for customers. Lamborghini Chief Marketing Officer Katia Bassi confirmed the news to overseas media. She said: "We decided to abandon the auto show because we increasingly believe that maintaining close relationships with customers is the key, and the auto show is not consistent with our philosophy."

This means that Sián, the first hybrid supercar to be unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, will be the last new Lamborghini model released at the public auto show. The new car is driven by a micro-hybrid system composed of a 6.5L naturally aspirated V12 engine and a 48V electric motor. The integrated maximum power is 819 horsepower. This dynamic parameter also makes it the most powerful Lamborghini ever. The 100km/h acceleration score only takes 2.8 seconds, and the top speed reaches 350km/h.

Katia Bassi said to the media that Lamborghini will continue to carry out a "continuous exclusive customer activity plan", including "launching exclusive new cars in special locations, providing exclusive travel and driving plans for customers and potential customers, and we can invite customers to carry out related activities. , Potential customers and VIPs will appreciate all aspects of the Lamborghini brand together with other like-minded people."

Previously, Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini Automobile Company, said in an exclusive interview with Car Home that future Lamborghini brand launches will be held in a unique way to exclusive locations and occasions. Everyone presents.

"For our customers, fan base and the general public entering the auto show, Lamborghini has always been a strong attraction." Katia Bassi added, "The traditional way of car exhibitions provides people with an opportunity, So that they can watch new cars and new technologies under one roof in time, but with the rise of new forms such as the Internet and social media, the role of traditional car exhibitions has been fundamentally changed. Katia Bassi said bluntly, "The Lamborghini brand needs to consider customers For their needs, they want to have exclusivity, personalization and one-to-one contact with our people. "

At present, Lamborghini has not yet determined the time of the first customized model release. Its candidate model is expected to be the Aventador SVJ model, which is equipped with a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, but after further upgrades and adjustments, the maximum power is 770 horsepower , 0-100km/h is 2.8 seconds, the maximum speed exceeds 350km/h. In addition, the Aventador SVJ's four-wheel drive system, rear wheel steering system, body stabilization system and chassis rigidity have been upgraded compared to the Aventador LP 750-4 SV, and the tires are equipped with Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires (brush (P Zero Trofeo R tires equipped with lap models will be available in the future).

Just tell me what you want, a customized product is welcome!

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