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Analysis on Japanese brands’ sales volume in China in July: distance between top 3 brands are narrowing

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Analysis on Japanese brands’ sales volume in China in July: distance between top 3 brands are narrowing

Issue Time:2016-08-23

Recently, major Japanese brands have published their sales volume in Chinese market in July, the three top brands Honda, Nissan and Toyota have respective growths of 39.5%, 8.9% and 5.7%. Mazda also increases 30.2% with the launching of CX-4. Besides, Chana Suzuki recovers its sales volume. It’s noticeable that Honda ranks first among three Japanese brands.

Honda sells 101,977 units vehicles in China this July, increasing 39.5% with the data in last year. GAC Honda increases 21.2% to 51,338 units; Dongfeng Honda increases 64.6% to 50,638 units. Honda’s total sales volume from previous seven months increases 20.7% from 533,994 units to 644,503 units. It’s revealed that Honda’s 2016 target in 2016 is 1.07m units, and now it has accomplished 60% of the target. According to current speed, it’s quite possible that it will accomplish the target smoothly this year. Small-size SUV is also Honda’s main sales force in China, in which CR-V has the highest sales volume of 16,351 units, second by XR-V of 14,073 units. GAC Honda will launch a new middle-size SUV, Avancier, in the second half of year, hoping to bring a new round of growth.

Toyota sells 97,700 units in July, increasing 5.7%, in which FAW Toyota sells 52,800 units and increases 7.6%, and GAC Toyota sells 34,000 units, decreasing 5.2%. The total sales volume of Toyota in the previous seven months reaches 690,000 units, increasing 14%, accomplishing about 60% of the annual target.

Nissan sells 91,700 units in July. Influenced by favorable policies, its small-size models have increasing sales volume. It’s expected that seven new models will be launched in the next half of year.

Mazda sells 21,510 units in July, increasing 30.2%. FAW Mazda sells new models 7,789 units, increasing 32.5% with the same period of last year. Chana Mazda sells 13,721 units in July, increasing 29%, the historical monthly sales high since June last year.

Suzuki sells 7,784 units in July, decreasing 33% with the same period of last year. Chana Suzuki sells 8,065 and 7,081 units in June and July, increasing 3.5% and 13.8% respectively. It’s learned that Chana Suzuki plans to increase 30%-40% sales volume to about 16.83 units this year.

It can be concluded from the above data that the major Japanese brands are narrowing their distances in sales volumes, but whether the overall competition structure will change still waits to be seen.

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