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How to use a slide hammer bearing puller correctly

How to use a slide hammer bearing puller correctly

Update Time:2020-06-11

How to use a slide hammer bearing puller correctly

1.What is the slide hammer bearing puller

A Slide Hammer Bearing Puller is a tool designed to pull bearings or other objects that require an internal pulling device to remove it from wherever it may be lodged. This device has a T-handle on one end which allows for an easier grip and an attachment point on the other end for the pull adapters to be secured. These adapters are removable and vary in sizes, depending on what it will be used on. Between the T-handle and the attachment point is a heavy slide hammer. The sliding rod varies in length and thickness, depending on the weight and size of the slide hammer. When using this device, force is applied to the slide hammer in a back and forth movement, along with the shaft of the sliding rod. The part to be removed would not incur any damage during the movements. The aim of the task is to pull the part away from whatever it is secured to and are usually used for parts that are internal.

2.What are the Common Uses of a Slide Hammer Puller?

As the name suggests, a Slide Hammer Bearing Puller is designed for bearings but it can be used for just about anything once a pull adapter can be secured on it. The following is a list of the most common parts that are pulled using a slide hammer puller:

Bearings such as motor, generator, flywheel pilot and magneto

1.Bearing cups



4.Grease retainers


6.Oil seals

7.Outer races

3.How To Use a Slide Hammer Bearing Puller to Remove Rear Wheel Bearing

  • Remove the rear wheel from the vehicle
  • Remove the brakes
  • Place the pulling adapter on the hub
  • Tightly secure the pulling adapter to the hub with the lock nuts
  • Ensure the slide hammer is on the slide rod
  • Thread the attachment point of the slide rod to the centre of the pull adapter
  • Screw in a nut at the back of the pull adapter to secure it to the slide rod
  • Turn the T-handle in a clockwise direction until tight
  • Leave one hand firmly holding unto the T-handle
  • Pressure should be applied away from the hub
  • Place the second hand on the slide hammer
  • Slide the hammer along the shaft in a back and forth movement
  • Gently force should be used when sliding the hammer toward the hub
  • When sliding the hammer away from the hub, more force should be used
  • Continue this back and forth movement until the hub is released
  • Once the hub is released, the bearing can be taken out

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