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Auto repair tools (Socket wrench )

Auto repair tools (Socket wrench )

Update Time:2020-06-03

Socket wrench

1.what is the socket wrench

It is composed of a plurality of sockets with hexagonal holes or twelve-angle holes and equipped with various accessories such as handles and connecting rods. It is especially suitable for turning bolts or nuts with a very narrow position or a deep depression.
(1) Ratchet wrench
(2) Slide rod: The position of the slide head can be moved to adjust the size of the force arm. 
(3) Quick rocking handle: The arc-shaped handle can be used for rapid and continuous rotation.
(4) Curved handle 
(5) Steering handle: can be rotated and rotated within a range of angles. 
(6) Universal joint: similar to the steering handle. 
(7) Adapter/extension rod: can turn the nut bolt in deeper recess. 
(8) Joints: Connect different sizes of connecting rods, sleeves with square holes and square tenons. 
(9) Sleeve head: There are six holes and twelve holes. 
(10) Screwdriver sleeve: The socket wrench can be used as a screwdriver (screwdriver) of various specifications.

2.How to use it
The socket wrench is mainly composed of a socket head, a handle, a ratchet handle, a quick rocker, a joint and a connecting rod. Various handles are suitable for various occasions. The principle of convenient operation or efficiency improvement is commonly used. The specification is 10~32mm. Many special socket wrenches are also used in automobile maintenance, such as spark plug sleeves, hub sleeves, tire nut sleeves, etc.

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