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50Pc Custom Bush/Bearing/Seal Driver Set

50Pc Custom Bush/Bearing/Seal Driver Set

50Pc Custom Bush/Bearing/Seal Driver Set
CategoriesBush Tool
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BrandDNT Auto Tools
Warranty1 Years
NameDeluxe Bushing/Bearing/Seal Drivers set
Item no.DN-D1062
materialSAE 1045
typeseal driver set
usingsuit the required seal,bush or bearing job
surfaceelectrophoretic coating
FOB portNingbo
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update Time2019-07-20
Detail Information

Custom Bush/Bearing/Seal Driver Set

Master deluxe custom bush, bearing and seal driver allows you to build your own custom bushing driver so you always have the right size for the job

The discs go from 18mm (25/32) all the way to 65mm (2- 9/16”) in 1mm increments plus 2-29/32” 74mm All discs are connected with a 12mm shaft and screw which quickly connects to a 180mm 7 ½” handle

All 50 pieces are interchangeable with each other so you get  different size variations in one set so you will do the job quickly, professionally and promptly.

Can remove or install bushings that are flush with the housing

All you do is select the required sizes.and assemble your custom driver.

-select the components or sizes

- Assemble the drive tool.

- Strike the tool and do the job. All discs are fully interchangeable with the TE9013 jumbo seal kit With a regular bushing driver you have to have the exact size in your kit or you can't do the job. Most sets are all double sided so you can only use an inside or outside disc.

With the T&E 9012 master deluxe 50 piece custom bush, bearing and seal driver kit you have every size you'll ever need, to do the job quickly, professionally and promptly.

The set has 50 interchangeable discs. It will give you 2,450 different variations because each of the 50 discs can interchange with each of the other discs.

This set is a mechanic's dream with every size in SAE and Metric from 18mm or 23/32" all the way to 74mm or 2-15/16". A total of 50 discs, everyone of them being interchange- able with all 49 others Kit comes with a 12 mm shaft and screw which connects to a 7 1/4 " unbreakable shaft or handle.

Set consists of the following sizes:

18mm, 25/32'; 43mm, 1-11/16"; 19mm, 3/4'; 44mm, 1-23/32"; 20mm, 25/32"; 45mm, 1-25/32"; 21mm, 27/32; 46mm, 1-13/16"; 22mm, 7/8"; 47mm, 1-27/32"; 23mm, 29/32"' 48mm, 1-15/16"; 24mm, 15/16"; 49mm, 1-31/32"; 25mm, 1"; 50mm, 2"; 26mm, 1-1/16"; 51mm, 2-1/32"; 27mm, 1-1/16"; 52mm, 2-1/16"; 28mm, 1-3/32"; 53mm, 2-1/8"; 29mm, 1-5/32"; 54mm, 2-3/32"; 30mm, 1-3/16"; 55mm, 2-5/32"; 31mm, 1-7/32"; 56mm, 2-7/32"; 32mm, 1-1/4"; 57mm, 2-1/4"; 33mm, 1-9/32"; 58mm, 2-9/32"; 34mm, 1-11/32"; 59mm, 2-11/32" ; 35mm, 1-3/8"; 60mm, 2-3/8"; 36mm, 1-13/32"; 61mm, 2-13/32"; 37mm, 1-15/32" ; 62mm, 2-7/16"; 38mm, 1-1/2"; 63mm, 2-1/2"; 39mm, 1-17/32"; 64mm, 2-17/32"; 40mm, 1-19/32" ; 65mm, 2-9/16"; 41mm, 1-.5/8"; 74mm, 2-29/32"; 42mm, 1-21/32". All pieces come in a heavy duty blow molded case with compartments for every piece.


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