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Main points of car brake system maintenance

Main points of car brake system maintenance

Issue Time:2020-09-18

First: high temperature resistant protective film brake

Prevent corrosion of the brake system, prevent the brake pads from being seized by the high temperature surface, eliminate the brake pads screaming, and maintain good lubrication durability. It needs to withstand high temperatures up to 1400? Therefore, regular inspections should be carried out to find the thickness of the brake pads or brake shoes. Under normal driving conditions, the service life of the front brake pads is 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers, and the service life of the rear brake pads is 120,000 to 150,000 kilometers. Once the brake is worn to the limit, it should be replaced in time.

Second: Lubrication and maintenance of brake wheel cylinders

The movable shaft and cup of the brake cylinder of the lubrication system keep the bushing of the cylinder soft and extend the service life of the cylinder. A fully synthetic brake cylinder lubricant is required.

Third: Clean the brake disc

Quickly clean the brakes, brake drums and any parts of grease, dust, dirt and friction, and brakes to maintain good heat dissipation; the elimination of harsh noises from the brakes promotes even braking.

Fourth: brake oil replacement

Brake oil has water absorption characteristics, and if it is not replaced for a long time, it will corrode the brake system and bring hidden dangers to driving. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that car owners change the brake oil every 20,000 kilometers. Mainly to ensure the cleanliness of the brake fluid.

4. Anti-rust lubrication of the contact surface of tire screws, brake discs and steel rims

Prevent corrosion, prevent screws and surfaces from being seized by heat, and are easy to disassemble. Products containing aluminum components that can withstand high temperatures above 1100C are required to ensure the contact area with the brake pads to increase braking force.

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