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Precautions for the use of electrician's knife

Precautions for the use of electrician's knife

Issue Time:2020-08-28

Electrician's knife is used to cut the insulation layer of the wire, cable insulation, wooden groove board, etc. in the installation and maintenance of electricians. The specifications are large and small. The sixth blade is 112 mm long; the small blade is 88 mm long. Some electrician's knives have saw blades and awls, which can be used to saw small wood chips and taper holes. Electrician's knife has no insulation protection, and live work is prohibited. Use electrician's knife and avoid cutting hard materials to protect the knife edge. After the knife edge is blunt, it can be polished with oilstone. If the blade is severely damaged, it can be ground with a grinding wheel, but annealing must be prevented.

  What are the uses of electrician knife

   1. The saw blade of a multi-function electrician's knife can be used to cut wooden and bamboo strips, and make wooden and bamboo dowels. In addition to the blade, the multifunctional electrician's knife also has saw blades, awls, and reaming cones.

  2. When it is very difficult to screw the screws on the hardwood, you can use the awl on the multi-function electrician's knife to make a hole, and then the screw will save much effort.

  3. If you need to drill a thread hole on the log, you can first drill a small hole with an awl, and then use a reaming cone to enlarge the small hole to facilitate the passage of thicker wires. This is another multi-functional electrician's knife.

  4. In addition to the blades, some multifunctional electric knifes also have tools such as rulers, saws, scissors, and a bottle opener to open beer bottle caps.

   5. Plastic or rubber bands are often used for reinforced insulation at the joints of wires and cables. This insulating material can be cut with the scissors of a multifunctional electrician's knife.

   6. The steel ruler on the electrician's knife can be used to detect the size of electrical appliances.

  7. When cutting the insulation layer of the wire with an electrician's knife, you can slightly tilt the knife, and use the rounded corner of the blade to hold the wire core. Never cut the insulating layer with the blade perpendicular to the wire, because it is easy to cut the wire core. The insulation on the wire should be stripped before the wire connection. When cutting and stripping with an electrician's knife, do not hurt the core wire with the knife edge. Commonly used methods of exploitation include stage stripping and beveling. The blade of an electrician's knife must be sharpened to exploit the wire. But it should not be too sharp. Too sharp is easy to cut the core, and if it is too blunt, the insulating layer cannot be exploited.

   8. The kissing groove between round wood and wooden or plastic grooved board can be cut on the construction site with an electrician's knife. Usually the log is held with the left hand and the knife is cut with the right hand.

   9. The electric knife can also be used to cut wooden and bamboo dowels.

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