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AutoNavi, Alibaba Cloud jointly launch smart traffic strategy

AutoNavi, Alibaba Cloud jointly launch smart traffic strategy
Issue Time:2018-06-20
Chinese mapping company AutoNavi, joining hands with Alibaba Cloud, a cloud computing subsidiary of Alibaba Group, launched the City Brain & Smart Transportation Strategy on June 19. Meanwhile, the company released the public service platform under the strategy, which will be promoted around 50 cities in China, including megacities like Beijing and Shanghai.  
Reportedly, AutoNavi portrayed its City Brain & Smart Transportation Strategic as a real human brain, which has a left brain and a right brain at the same time. The “left brain” is designed to provide government with urban traffic management solutions. The “right brain” is set to serve the public, providing travelling dispatching system, intelligent engine planning system as well as high-definition map for autonomous vehicles.
The public service platform provides four major industrial solutions, including general event warning, intelligent guidance, event management as well as incident research, judgment and settlement, with the aim of supplying integrated services for the public and government. For instance, regarding the situation that a few of roads are packed with cars and passengers, while other surrounding roads are quite clear, traffic police can evacuate vehicles through the platform by virtue of its high permeability among users and drivers will also be given proper routes to avoid congestion.
The City Brain & Smart Transportation Strategic has brought about some positive effects in several cities. According to relevant data, in Beijing, the average delayed time for a car passing the intersection has decreased by 6% after traffic signals timings have been optimized on AutoNavi's mobility platform.

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