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Tongji University ICV testing base to be put into operation in July, 2018

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Tongji University ICV testing base to be put into operation in July, 2018

Issue Time:2018-03-13
 According to local media, Tongji University-based intelligent-connected vehicle (ICV) testing base, covering an area of 170mu (around 113 thousand square meters) has already started construction and is predicted to be put into operation in July this year. This base is co-built by Tongji University and SAIC Motor.

Yu Zhuoping, professor from School of Automotive Studies of Tongji University, introduced that different from conventional vehicle testing grounds, the ICV base located in the campus has all-new designs in such aspects as traffic conditions, traffic participation system as well as information and communication facilities. For instance, the ICV base will be equipped with 5G communication system.

Chen Junyi, lecturer from School of Automotive Studies of Tongji University who is engaged in planning of the base, stated that the base's general layout is “three sections connected by one circuit”. Specifically, the one circuit is a 1.3-kilometer circular road. The three sections are designed to execute different functional missions. The east section is used for low-degree autonomous vehicle tests. The west contains some simulation scenarios of structural urban roads like parking lot, straightaway, circular road as well as rampway, etc. In addition, the south section simulates rural and cross-country roads.

Chen Junyi also said that the Tongji University ICV base contains more “Chinese characteristics” compared to earlier testing bases. For instance, taking the Chinese's driving behaviors and the cultural differences between the western countries and China into consideration, designers will create simulation scenarios based on the data collecting from China's traffic condition analyses and past traffic accidents. Additionally, in urban simulation scenarios, all facilities are made of daily materials.

On 27 February 2018, Shanghai Municipal Economic Information Commission, Shanghai Municipal Police and Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission jointly issued the Shanghai Regulations on Intelligent-Connected Vehicles Road Testing (Trial). After two days, Shanghai government released China's first batch of plates for public road test ICVs. Shanghai government has currently designated a 5.6-kilometer road with high security and low risk in Jading District as the first-phase testing road of ICV in Shanghai. In the future, the government will open more roads step by step for ICV test.

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