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New energy vehicle sales likely to exceed 700,000 in 2017

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New energy vehicle sales likely to exceed 700,000 in 2017

Issue Time:2017-12-22
On December 21, Gao Feng, spokesman of Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China said at a press conference that according to the statistics so far, the market of new energy vehicles has maintained a momentum of fairly rapid growth. The gross sales from January to November have already reached 609,000 units, up 51.4% year on year. Besides, the annual sales of 2017 is expected to exceed 700,000 units.

Gao Feng stated that there are many factors contributing to the rapid growth of new energy vehicles in sales. In addition to the influence of relevant policies, the changes of consumption patterns also bring quite a profound impact. Since the idea of “green consumption” has already rooted in people's mind, the demand for new energy vehicles is increasingly intense.

In the long term, with the development of relevant technologies, infrastructures and policies, consumers will prefer to buy and use new energy vehicles.

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