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WEY XEV model Releases its Official Shot

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WEY XEV model Releases its Official Shot
Issue Time:2017-09-15

WEY releases an official shot for its new BEV concept model WEY XEV. The new model adopts the latest designing idea of WEY family, and the model shows a scientific and technological sense in body image. Besides, it's said that the model may become the safest alternative energy SUV model across the globe. The model will also make debut during Frankfurt Auto Show this year.

The model shows a modern image, with typical family design in details including the bar-shaped LED daylights and aggressive front faces. The brand LOGO also seems to show some changes.

The simple body line with gull-wing door also makes the model distinctive. It uses exaggerating design in tails.

It's known that WEY XEV will emphasize the safety configurations and explain the idea that “safety is the greatest luxury”. Besides, the model will equip with matrix charging technologies and L4-level driverless technologies.

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