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Seven domestic models whose total sales volumes exceeding 1m units

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Seven domestic models whose total sales volumes exceeding 1m units
Issue Time:2017-04-25

Different from joint-venture brands, it is difficult for domestic brands to sell more than 1 million units. Currently, there are seven models from six domestic brands which have been selling more than 1m units.

FAW Xiali

As the earliest domestic car brand, FAW Xiali put its first car into production in September, 1986. The sales volume exceeded 500,000 units in November, 1998. As the first domestic brand selling more than 1m units’vehicles, its total sales volume exceeded 1m units in August, 2004.

Chery QQ

Launched in 2003, the small-size model once broke the monopolistic market dominated by joint-venture brands, becoming the best-seller self-independent brand in the first years of 21th century.


Launched in September, 2005, the self-independent brand A-class vehicle quickly conquered consumers with its high cost performance and large space. In March, 2012, BYD F3 series reached total sales volume exceeding 1m units, becoming the third domestic model selling more than 1m units’ vehicles.

Chery Tiggo 3

Launched in 2005, Chery Tiggo 3 is Chery’s first SUV model. It’s also the first SUV model in Chinese market. In October, 2015, Tiggo 3 had global sales volume exceeding 1m units.

Geely Emgrand

Established in July, 2009, Emgrand embraced its sales soar in 2012 since EC7’s launch. In September, 2016, Emgrand reached total sales exceeding 1m units.

Haval H6

As the sales champion in SUV market, it took only about 4 years’ time for Haval H6 to sell more than 1m units. In November, 2015, H6 reached total sales volume of 1m units, becoming the fastest one among all SUV models.

Wuling Hongguang

It’s called the most successful model in Chinese auto history in terms of sales volume. It also ranked 11th in global best-seller auto list, only second by Toyota Camry. In April 30th, 2015, Wuling Hongguang reached total sales volume exceeding 2m units.

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