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Haval Put Huge Investment into Electric and Intellectualization; aiming at 2 Million Units Annual Sales

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Haval Put Huge Investment into Electric and Intellectualization; aiming at 2 Million Units Annual Sales

Issue Time:2017-02-21

On 19th December, at the “2017 Grand Ceremony for Haval SUVs”, the Great Wall not only launched its brand new Haval H6, but also announced its new strategic plans for 2020.

To List Dozens of New Cars&2020 Sales Target of 2 Million Units

Haval has planned to list dozens of new cars which covering small-sized, compact, middle-sized and middle-large sized segments and to have its annual sales break 2 million units by 2020, making Haval surpass Jeep and Land Rover and become the largest professional SUV brand of the world. At that time, Haval H6 will be the sales champion of Global SUV brands.

Besides, Haval will have an all-round upgrade of its power system and intelligent interconnection technology to hold the leading superiority of the dynamic performance of products and driving experience, to expand the new energy products line, mainly plug-in electric hybrid, and to greatly improve the customer experience and providing with energy saving, environmental friendly and worry-saving SUVs of new energy.

To Take a Lead in Science and Technology&All Cars Equipped with 6 Airbag

In the future, Haval will continue its investment to take a lead in science and technology. It will popularize the usage of ADAS and Night Vision System on main models of Haval like H6 and H7. Haval cars will have IDAS as a standard configuration in the future.

It will also design products to meet the strictest standards of Europe and North America, to have all of its vehicles equipped with 6 airbag, actively safe headrest, pre-crash seatbelt and so on to protect the passengers.

To Build Global R&D System & Invest 30B Yuan for New Energy&Intellectual Technology Researching

Haval has intended to invest 30 billion yuan for the research of new energy and intelligent projects by 2020 to form leading superiority in fields like active safety, intelligent interconnection, automatic driving, etc. In January of 2016, the Great Wall’s Japanese R&D center was put into operation, becoming the first foreign technical center of the Great Wall. The automaker will establish several R&D centers in Europe, North America and Japan in the future to create a global R&D system.

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