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Top 30 companies in China’s auto industry announced, SAIC tops the chart with its revenue exceeding 1 trillion yuan

Top 30 companies in China’s auto industry announced, SAIC tops the chart with its revenue exceeding 1 trillion yuan
Issue Time:2016-05-31

According to the Top 30 companies in China’s auto industry in 2015 announced by China Machinery Industry Federation and China Association of Automobile Manufacturers jointly, SAIC tops the chart with its revenue totaling 1.2 trillion yuan, while FAW and Dongfeng Group rank No.2 and No.3 respectively.

Among all the Top 30 companies, 16 of them are PV manufacturers, 4 are commercial vehicles manufacturers, 7 are parts suppliers while 3 are motorcycle manufacturers.

Nineteen companies from 2014’s list maintain their rankings in the Top 30 list of 2015. BYD and Weifu Group are new to the list while Shanxi Automobile and Jincheng Corporation are falling out the list of 2015. Among the top 10 companies in the 2015 list, Great Wall roses 1 place from No.10 of 2014 to No.9 of 2015, and SINOTRUK falls to No.10 in 2015 from No.9 of 2014, while others all maintain their places just as 2014.

Please find out for detail information about the 2015 list as below:

No.1: SAIC

Revenue: 1,202.525 billion yuan

No.2: FAW

Revenue: 515.873 billion yuan

No.3: Dongfeng

Revenue: 487.791 billion yuan

No.4: BAIC

Revenue: 345.221 billion yuan

No.5: Changan

Revenue: 487.791 billion yuan

No.6: GAC

Revenue: 195,398 billion yuan

No.7: Brilliance Auto

Revenue: 160,546 billion yuan

No.8: WanXiang Group

Revenue: 115,360 billion yuan

No.9: Great Wall

Revenue: 76.033 billion yuan


Revenue: 61.664 billion yuan

No.11: JAC

Revenue: 58.403 billion yuan

No.12: BYD

Revenue: 43.864 billion yuan

No.13: Yutong

Revenue: 41.812 billion yuan

No.14: Geely

Revenue: 36.446 billion yuan

No.15: LiFan

Revenue: 30.821 billion yuan

No.16: KingLong

Revenue: 27.933 billion yuan

No.17: Chery

Revenue: 27.146 billion yuan

No.18: Wangfeng

Revenue: 23.181 billion yuan

No.19: Tri-Ring Group

Revenue: 18.146 billion yuan

No.20: Guangxi Automobile Group

Revenue: 17.300 billion yuan

No.21: Zhongshen

Revenue: 17.106 billion yuan

No.22: Dicastal

Revenue: 16.199 billion yuan

No.23: North Lingyun Industrial Group

Revenue: 16.001 billion yuan

No.24: Anhui Zhongding

Revenue: 11.561 billion yuan

No.25: QingLing Motors

Revenue: 11.362 billion yuan


Revenue: 10.527 billion yuan

No.27: Haojue

Revenue: 8.816 billion yuan

No.28:Fast Gear

Revenue: 8.007 billion yuan

No.29: SG Automotive Group

Revenue: 6.384 billion yuan

No.30: WeiFu

Revenue: 5.772 billion yuan

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