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How to Increase Your Digital Presence in the Automotive Industry

How to Increase Your Digital Presence in the Automotive Industry
Issue Time:2016-01-13

As people turn to more digital outlets to get information, it’s important for companies to alter their marketing styles to meet the digital needs of consumers. The automotive industry is no exception; however, these companies need to approach their marketing efforts a little more…creatively, rather than just basic social media and a website. Below are tactics to inspire you, to increase not only your digital presence, but your overall reputation in the automotive marketing world. Here are examples of automotive companies that are implementing these tactics to the fullest.

1.Social Media – To the Max

Engagement and thinking outside the box is key. It’s easy to have social media profiles, but if there’s no engagement, customers won’t take you seriously. Think of it like this, not engaging with customers is like agreeing to a press conference without answering any questions.So how to engage with customers is very important way to max social media.

2.Mobile Optimization

Today, people are using their cellphones to look up information on the go. Don’t forget to implement tactics to target mobile users. Tactics can include: push notifications, apps, mobile banners, location services or optimizing your website to fit a mobile view. As the use of mobile increases, so should the initiatives to reach this audience.

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