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How to use the universal oil filter wrench

How to use the universal oil filter wrench

Update Time:2020-08-19

The oil filter wrench is mainly used to disassemble and assemble the oil filter. It can be divided into belt type, clamp type, chain type, three-jaw type and cap type. Because the size and position of the oil filter element of different engines are different, some wrenches are not completely suitable for the vehicle type used. Among these wrenches, the universal oil filter wrenches are the chain type and the three-jaw type.
How to use the oil filter wrench?

A wrench is a hand tool that uses the principle of leverage to turn bolts, screws, nuts, and other threads to hold the openings or sleeves of bolts or nuts. Wrenches are usually made with clamps on one or both ends of the handle to apply external force to the handle to apply external force to turn the bolt or nut to hold the bolt or nut opening or sleeve. When in use, an external force is applied to the handle along the thread rotation direction, and the bolt or nut can be turned, thereby achieving the purpose of disassembling and assembling the oil filter element.

Is there a universal oil filter wrench?

Both the chain type and the three-jaw type are universal oil filter wrenches, because the size of the parts of different models is different, and the corresponding specifications need to be equipped. Moreover, the shapes of the parts of the oil filter are not all the same, and it is necessary to find and use different forms of oil filter wrenches accordingly. There are many types of oil filter wrenches, each of which has its own advantages. For most cars, the best one should be the cap type, because it can be seamlessly interlocked with the filter, there is no damage to the filter, and it is easy to buy on the market.

The oil filter element has an irreplaceable important position in the engine. If the oil filter element is damaged, even if the best oil is used, impurities will enter the engine and cause it to be damaged. Therefore, many car repairers will suggest that the owner check the oil filter element when changing the oil, and replace both at the same time.

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