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3 Taboos of Run-in Period

3 Taboos of Run-in Period

Update Time:2019-07-29
Taboos in Run-in Period
1,New cars should be properly lightened
Everything in your new car is new, so don't challenge its capacity when you first drive. Because the car in the running-in period, a lot of parts have not been worn out, too much bearing capacity is likely to make some parts of the car due to huge pressure and increase the engine, transmission system wear, very injury car.

2,Don't stay in gear for too long

Some friends in order to let the car faster than the run-in period, will deliberately to grind the car. The most typical way is low speed often hang in five or four gears, so although it can cause the car faster running, fit, but actually very hurt the car. Because the run-in period for the engine, is a factory after the reconstruction process, that is, there are some parts of the engine wheel shaft surface bite is not good, uneven place, to be used through natural wear away. Some manufacturers will be in the factory oil plus some abrasive, in order to enhance the effect of grinding, so deliberately grinding the car is completely unnecessary!

3,Do not change the oil ahead of time

As we all know, the best oil in a car must be the original oil. But many people will be silly, go ahead to change the oil, think it is better for the car. But do you know, the original oil is the best in terms of heat dissipation, viscosity, oxidation resistance and cleaning effect. So when you change the oil, it's best to use your car's mileage as a reference.

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