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"hidden features" in the fuel cap

"hidden features" in the fuel cap

Update Time:2019-07-04
"Hidden Features" Of Fuel Cap

No 1. The first function is to remind us which number of gasoline should be added to the car, because many owners do not know the most appropriate number of gasoline when they just buy a new car. In fact, there is a label on the oil tank lid of the car, and we will find that the inside of the lid is marked with which number of gasoline should be used

No 2. There is a drain hole in the oil tank cover, which will be on an inclined plane of the car under normal circumstances, so it is convenient to drain the water after having the drain hole, especially in rainy days, the drain hole can drain out the excess sewage, which will not cause some pollution to our car gasoline

No3. One of the most important functions is to mark the fuel tank cover of the car should be used in addition to the gasoline model, and mark the car should use the car tire pressure, because each car suitable for the tire pressure is not quite the same, so we can according to the standard tire pressure on the cover to adjust

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