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what's Do’s and Don’ts to Car Maintenance?

what's Do’s and Don’ts to Car Maintenance?
Update Time:2017-08-11

There is a whole lot of responsibility when it comes to owning a vehicle. Many owners would think that maintenance is a breeze. On the contrary however, it can be demanding and sometimes even pricey. With the right methods and practices, it should be challenging but doable. With mistakes, it can be unsightly.

To help owners and even collectors out there, shared with us some dos and don’ts when it comes to car maintenance.

Do know your cars. There may be a general guideline for vehicle upkeep but let us remember that not all cars are the same. They have different features, conditions and age which will need particular tending. This makes it crucial for owners to truly know their machines: their limits, parts, miles run and all that.

Don’t experiment. If you have no idea when it comes to repairing cars, don’t attempt to experiment. Leave it to the pros. It helps to study and educate yourself but while you’re not yet qualified, avoid tinkering around as you might do more harm than good.

Do provide shelter. Exposing cars to various elements can hasten its wear and tear process. A garage is a must to protect it. See to it that one is available.

Don’t overwork them. Even machines have their limits. Too much and they can break down. Cars are no different. Long rides will require some ‘break time’ too during which it is advisable to check the vehicle’s condition.

Do drive them around. At the same time, not driving them will increase wear and tear just as much. This is why parking a car, even a collectible and rare one, without rallying up the engine will cause them to deteriorate and not function. Plus, what’s the fun with that? An automobile is made for driving not displaying.

Don’t forget to check regularly. Part of maintenance is the regular checkup of the vehicle from interiors to engine to electronics and whatnot. Some problems may not be easily detected and will just blow up on your face as they aggravate. The only way to solve them fast and to prevent them from getting worse is to detect them early on so that proper action is taken accordingly.

Do act fast.  reminds owners to take their automobiles to an expert as soon as a sign of damage or abnormality is observed no matter how minute. Time is of the essence here because one damaged part can lead to another and another and another.

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