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How to Cut Coil Springs

How to Cut Coil Springs
Update Time:2015-02-09

You can lower your car by cutting the coil springs that are compressed in the strut above the car's tires. A professional mechanic often carries out the process of cutting a car's coil springs and lowering the vehicle. With a few tools, such as a coil compressor and angle grinder, you can cut the coil springs yourself. All of the tools and supplies necessary to cut coil springs are available at auto parts stores and home improvement stores. Use these tips to cut coil springs.


No.1    Raise the car. Use a jack to raise the area of the car from which you will remove the old coil spring. Follow the instructions that come with your jack.

No.2    Remove the tire.

  •     Take the hub cap off of the wheel.
  •     Unscrew the nuts and remove the tire.

No.3   Remove the strut. The strut holds the coil spring and the shock absorbers over the tires, and allows for a smooth ride. Follow the owner's manual for your car to remove the strut.


No.4   Measure the old coil spring. Use a tape measure to measure the length of the coil spring while it is still compressed in the extended strut.

No.5   Remove the existing coil spring. Use a coil compressor to remove the coil spring. A coil compressor allows you to remove the spring while it is still compressed, and to safely and gradually decompress the spring. Follow the instructions that come with the coil compressor.

No.6   Measure the new coil spring.

  • Locate the dead coils on the spring. The dead coils are the coils on one end of the spring that touch each other. These coils do not move with the spring as it tenses and flexes.
  • Measure out the distance of the old compressed coil spring from the other end of the spring.
  • Add 1 inch (2.5 cm) to that number. If your old compressed coil spring measured 12 inches (30.5 cm), the new length will be 13 inches (33 cm). This measurement is the shortest possible length to which the new coil spring can be cut. If you cut the coil spring shorter than this total measurement, you will not be able to use the new coil spring in your car.
  • Mark the place where you will cut the new coil spring with a bright-colored marker.

No.7   Cut the coil spring. Use a hacksaw or an angle grinder to cut the coil spring. An angle grinder is a small tool that uses a disc to grind or cut objects. The angle grinder's metal wheel should be 4 inches (10.2 cm) in diameter.

No.8   Install the coil spring.
  • Place the new cut coil spring into the strut.
  • Re-install the strut. Follow the owner's manual of your car to re-install the strut.

No.9   Attach the tire.
  • Place the tire back onto the hub.
  • Tighten the lug nuts.

No.10    Lower the car. Use the jack to lower the car. Follow the instructions that come with your jack.

No.11   Repeat the entire process for each coil spring that you will replace on the car.

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