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Please Pay attention when you buy tools,how to choose your right tools

Please Pay attention when you buy tools,how to choose your right tools
Update Time:2015-02-05

There is difference price of the same thing when you are buying tools or everything.

some is very expensive but some is very cheap.how to choose?why?let's pick our auto tools for example.

The material,The hardness,The surface treatment is the main dates to decided the price.

In Chinese Market, A3 steel,45#, 40cr is the main material.

                        GB                        JIS                                  ASTM                                DIN

A3                 Q235                     SS41                              A283-C                             17100                 

45#               45#                       S45C                               SAE 1045                         C45

40cr             40CR                    SCr440                           SAE 5140                        41CR4



45#               45%23%20report


SO,The price from cheap to expensive is   A3 <45#<40cr

meanwhile,The heat treatment is another factor.

Many auto tool must to do heavy duty work.many good tools and need do heavy duty tool are made heat treatment.

After heat treatment,The hardness(HRC) From low to high  is A3<45#<40CR. 

A3 can't heat treatment,So if the tool is very cheap, maybe the material is A3 and there is no HRC hardness. The 45# usual can reach 35-45(HRC),40CR usual can arrive 40-55(HRC),but 38-42(HRC) is the best hardness for the auto tools.so our auto tools usually control in range.

Last,The surface treatment also decide the price.In the Chrome plated,black oxide coating,electrophoretic paint,zinc plating,phosphorization,Chrome plated is more expensive than others.

In DNT Tools,all tool choose 45# or 40CR,all heavy duty tools hardness(HRC) is 38-42. If you are looking for good tool,wish DNT Tools will be your good choose.

except the material and hardness,the Technic(forge drop or casting) also is the key about good tool or not.In the future,It's going to  introduce in FAQ.

Thanks for your read.

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